My name is Jonee’ Viray. I have been scrap booking since I was in high school. I always had an eye for layout design. Throughout the years, card making has been just another passion. It’s hard for me to even buy cards since everyone knows that I create cards for specific occasions and people. For example, if they like cupcakes, I make sure there’s some type of cupcake design on it. I’ve never made the same card more than once. It’s just another challenge in my book. 

Recently, I got married (Yay congrats to me :0) to the man of my dreams, He has supported my love for paper crafting since he’s known me. We’ve been together for 6 1/2 years. Not only do I have my wonderful husband, i have my best friend, Maricel. I’ve known her since Sophomore year of high school. We love experimenting new things and new ideas. It’s great to have that support and passion from someone else. I can go on… more importantly i love being unique. So I take the time to learn and teach myself to get better and better at what I do. I challenge my abilities. Using this blog, I will post all my projects and describe what it took to get there. There’s a lot of inspiration out there, If I can find that post or idea that inspired me, I will def give credit to those who inspired. Hopefully I can inspire others. Enjoy!


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